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Cloughey Village Plan Launch  


Wednesday 4th June 2014 was a red letter day for the CDCA and Cloughey Village with 2 notable events on the same day.


Village Plan Launched

The plan had been prepared by consultants The Paul Hogarth Company over a 6 month period and involved widespread consultation with the local community and several public meetings.   John Fraser of Hogarths made a presentation of the plan to the assembled guests including village stakeholders,  local Councillors,  representatives of the funding body Down Rural Area Partnership (DRAP) and the Department of Culture Arts and Leisure (DCAL).


The plan was then handed over to Vince Mckeever of DCAL (representing the Minister) who spoke briefly before handing the plan over to the Mayor as public representative for the village of Cloughey.


How to view the Village Plan

Copies of the Plan will be available in the local libraries and online.


L-R  Vince Mckeever & colleague (DCAL)  Caroline Mahon (DRAP)  Cllrs Robert Adair & Angus Carson, Alan Grahan (DRAP) 

L-R Lee Jenkinson (CDCA)  Stephen McIlveen (Ards Mayor) Vince McIlveen (DCAL)  and Alan Graham (DRAP) at the plan launch in Cloughey Pavilion.

Photos by Brian Powell