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Cloughey - the sunniest and driest place in Northern Ireland !


Cloughey is situated on the Ards peninsula. As well as being the most easterly part of Ireland, it is also the sunniest and driest area in Northern Ireland.   Often it remains dry in Cloughey even when rain is forecast. Believe it or not, Cloughey has 1 extra 'dry' day every week compared to Belfast! (A 'dry' day is when no measurable rainfall is recorded.  Belfast has over 225 'wet' days and Cloughey has less than 175 'wet' days in a year).

Although sunny and dry, Cloughey can be a windy place with its proximity to the sea.  In the Winter, damaging cold winds off the sea often cause damage to garden plants and trees.  For gardeners, the opportunities are limited unless there is some shelter from these winds.

In the summer on a clear sunny day, Cloughey is one of the most beautiful places to be out and about.  Larks sing over the golf course and the warren area and the sun glints off the shining sea in the long sweep of Cloughey Bay. It is no wonder that unspoilt Cloughey has been a favourite place for summer visitors for over 100 years.


The weather links on this page provide detailed forecasts for temperature, rainfall, wind speed and direction and will help you to decide how many layers to wear !!  


The rainfall radar link shows the areas of rain in Ireland in real time and over the last 3 hours and you can estimate if rain is on the way and when it will arrive with some accuracy..

Quick link for local weather today

Detailed 5-day forecast for Cloughey area.

Weather station is 2 miles West of Cloughey at Lough Cowey

Animated map of rainfall over the last few hours.  It can be used to predict when rain will arrive  - with some accuracy.

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